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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 3, 2012 10:30pm-11:35pm EDT

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channeled and they have an opportunity to succeed. everybody is getting a fair shot. everybody is getting a fair share -- a fair share. everybody is playing by the same rules. four years ago, i said i am not a perfect man and noo a perfect present. that is probably a promise governor romney things i kept. i also promise i fight every single dayyon behalf of the american people, the middle class, and although striving to get into the middle class, i have kept that promise. if you will vote for me, then i will promise i will fight just as hard in the second term. >> the romney -- governor romney. >> this is an important election and i'm concerned about america. i am concerned about the taking over the last four years. i know this is bigger than an election about the two of us as indivvduals. -pit is bigger than our respecte parties. it is an election about the
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course of america. what kknd of america do you want to have for yourself and your children? there are two seven pads we begin speaking about this evening. we will have two more presidential debates and a vice presidential debate. we will talk about those two pads. -- paths. you do not have to just look at our work. you can look at the record. if the president would be reelected, you will see a middle-class squeeze. income going down, and prices going up. in come up p again. if i am president, i will help to create 12 million new jobs in this country with rising incomes. if the president is elected, obamacare will be fully installed. that will mean a whole different life. many will lose their insurance. if i am elected, we will not
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have obamacare. we will put in place the kind of principles i put in place in my own state and allow each state to craft their own programs and we will focus. if the president were reelected, you will see a $716 billion cut to medicare. you have 4 million people who lose medicare advantage. you have hospitals and provides no longer accepting medicare. i will restore that $716 billion to meddcare. finally, military. you will see dramatic cuts toward military if the president is reelected. pt is said this will be devastating. i will not cut our commitment to the military. i will keep america strong and get america's middle-class working again. thank you, jim. >> thank you. the next debate will be on thursday, october 11 on -- at center college in kentucky for now, i am -- aa center college
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in kentucky." for now, i am jim lehrer. good night. [applause] >> and now, the familles are on stage as the first of three presidential debates comes to a close. we have been falling the romney campaign. carl, an event like this ends,
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whoever you were for you believe it did just great. whether you were againstou think did just horribly. >> it will be hard to judge initially. like so many debates, the spot analysis that will happen in the spin room for the next three or four hours, wwat will be all over social media, is likely to evolve over the next few days as people begin to analyze in depth and take a look to the accuracy of the things that were set as well as the demeanor of the candidates. in just about every single answer, mitt romney looked at the prrsident and looked him in the eye and addressed the president directly.+ in most of his answers, president obama spoke to either jim lehrer or the audience. this was, in general, a good debate. there were some annoyed appearances ffom the president, some inpatient attempts to interrupt the flow of things by mitt romney, but fairly ssall.
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lots of policy. for reporters and voters who thought a lot of times this campaign has ordered a little bit too on -- to much on the cynical, there was it kind of policy tonight. you heard president obama at one. take the president -- take mitt romney to task. that did not happen until the last half-hour of the debate. for the better part of the first hour, it was mitt romney who was pn offense, challenging president's record, addressing him directly, accusing the president of misrepresenting mitt romney. toward the end, we heard mitt romney say, you are entitled to your own house and plain, but not your own facts. there was a fair amount of %+arring back and forth. generally speaking, there demeanor's seemed like, in mitt romney's case, he is prepared to
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be president, and president obama is struggling with some of the strains of being president with some of a rigid somewhat of a difficult campaign. -- with somewhat of a diffi remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah. yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bheck? what is that? so weird, right? my agent, tom, said... [ voice of dennis ] ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident-free...
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toward accomplishing something is showing up. [ thunder crashes ] and with the most advanced all-wheel-drive system in its class that adapts to conditions as they change, now all you have to worry about is what you accomplish when you get there. ♪ >> the first of three presidal debates is now in the book. we have got the word that on the national level, most polls indicate this race is a dead
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heat. among the popular vote in many of the swing states, it has tightened up considerably. in florida, it is a statistical dead heat. in the state of ohio, which nn republican has never won an not won the white house, the lead is go o's... o's.""let the pllyoffs begin. how an amazing regular season cameeto annend for the orioles. ooioles.the candidates face-oof face-off. .analyzing the presidential debates with the voters who wat. watched.still waittnggfor the clouds to move oot... when skies will finally clear and the chanccs for rain on he weekend in my skyyatch forecast performaacc
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up and coming star on x-factor - &p3&&p hello i'mmjennifer gilbe. jeff is off onight.its the 3 end of the regular eassn for enough... for the first time in 15 years....there s more to come. come. sports director bruce cunningham has a look at how things ended tonight and what's ahhad in the bruce?it as not a good ight for the orioles in stt the rays in the hopes of tying the yankees for theamerican league east lead,and forcing a one game playoff, the birds thirr baseman evan longoria s - hit not one, not wo butt three home runs as the rrys took a 4-1 victory on he seaaon's last day...the peague east championship to an
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the yankeesand has the orioles headed to rlington texas for the wild card rrund... so here's what it sets up... the orioles wiil now travel to dallas to take onntheeexas rangers in the american league wildcard...first pitch is set a hole new round...the first year t's been and ou advance... &plose and you go home.... fuul highlights and post game reactioo from st pete...and we'll hear from the ravees, up at 11:30 it may have been a disappointing eed tonight but eaalier excitement was running &pwere cheering on their o's straighttinto the playoffs. playoffs.janice park is streeming live in federal hill...where despite watched this last game of the rrgular season. jannie? janice?jennifer,tonight's loss was tough...but fans say it's been a thrilling season...and all that matters is that we're in the playoffs.some fans aree comee to the losing sleep over -
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playoffs...there's going to be work. in one of baltimore's most historic neighborhoods...o's being made.inside. history is - o's!""anytime it comes down to thh wire like this, t's so intense, i an't imagine what they're feeling, it'sscrazy" sommthing ffas have been paiting for, for more than a de: decade:"i follow them more than any otter team, i live and breath with ttem die withh them every night" nnght""i was 11 yeaas old the last time we made the playoffs so this is the best thing in the world rrght now" now""there really is aamagic, it's just great!"for some, thh ggme s too much...a tanding matter..nd break out the lucky outfit: outfit:"weel i got hese on it out...ay..."fans have stuck out....not in a town like this o's fans will un me oot of town"and win or lose ..whether it's luck or destiny, this
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cheer abbut: about:"let's go o's, let's go o's, let's go o's let's go o's!" o's!""it's gonna be nuts, i'm probably going to have to call out of work tomoorow, it'' gonna be a crazy nightt 3 we have breaking news... out of west baltimore... baltimore...there were 2 city...thhssis the sccne of one of them...on wess lanvale street... near fulton avenue... a man was word on the victimsscondition... but homicide deteetives are & and homicide detectives were also callld to the scene of mile away.a man was shot in the chest along north fulton word of any arrests. 33 a developing mediial story tonight.maryland health officcals say a fatal
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peningitis case in the state may be related o steriod the caae is one of two in country that are being linked to theeinjections for back medical centers across the state 3 bullying is now being blamed n a stabbing that occured med inside a baltimore city high sshool n monday. hhppened at heritage complex. police arrested a 17 year old senior in ccnnection with the viooencee darrell johns faces sevvral charggs... including attempted first degree murrer.following the tten's bail review this morning, johns' attorney tood lepola that hhs client is the real victim. 8846:39 it appears that there are two vastly different made a laim of attempted mruder first and secondddegree where assspeakkng with my clieet and his mother :50 it ssems to be a case of self defense and bullying where the system faiied my client :52
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attorney has been given an nss 3 evidenceeand witnesses to gatte support his bullying defense. you may eventually see an added surcharge on your b.g.e. bill. it's just one recommendations of a task force... looking those long powerroutages in major storms.john rydell has peaction from governor oomalley. the summer derecho...not only caused the dark...some... ffr uu to a week. now a gubernatorial ttsk unveiling bg.e. can better prepare for maaor storms. one proposal...imppse a monthly surcharge on all b.g.e.the added revenue...wouud be used to expand maintenance operations...from more tree trimmingg...tooburring more pooer liies unddrground. (governor) "they're probably willing o pay another dollar assured that they won't bb throwing out wo and three hundree dollarssworth of groceries every timee onn of
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&pthrrugg our area."/new at 10/ (rydell) "but that propooed ssrcharge that would alllw utility compannessto accelerate their maintenance - loo of these wires underrround still has to be approved bb the public service commission, the stateeagency that wwll also consider a rate hike for bge customers."anddone state lawmaker is upset with the prospecc ffbilling b.g.e. customees to pay forroopany operations. (george) "i mean ttis ii not a government run utility, so it's a surchargee iitgoes to thh utility, but it's more money ouu of thee consumers pocket."/10pm add-onn says...something musttbe done to reduce the length of those prolonnedoutages... during major storms. in annapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten.. in a statement today...b.g... it calll his "forward looking perspective.". car in the middle of little a - disruption for neighbors ann bu.
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businessess.... karen parks is live on the scene where repairs are unnerway...... underway......we are on albermarle in between styles and fawn......righh in the middleof little italy... this hole at leass 15 feet deep sits right in front of several homes....and businesses.......workerr have bben out here since not only do reeidents have toodeal with the noise from repairs..... but the street is shut down..... so that parking for residents......ann no foot traffic for neaaby businessss......aad to make things worse.....more than 20 residents were without water ov. ooerrighh.... 3 & a sppkeperson for the says this all started back in august witt a sewer was paved ooer peveral imes but apparently something continues to cause a breaa in the sewer line which causes the sinnhole tt widen and collapse.....and its that problem that the department of pubblc works wants to
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straighten out...... meantime.....neighbors have to earn to cope... cope... 33 (16:12)the fact thht i just moved into the city its like definitely interesting its was entertaining ntil about o'ccock this morning last night.... 3 a spokeperson for the department oo public works says the work is expected too be finished by lunchtime italy.....k.pp fox 5 news at ten. one of baltimore's fire companies that was scheduled to close - is now stayynggopen explains why the mayor had a &p the station is being funded now now ladder truck ten - union officials say - it's one of the busiest in baltiiore.buu when city officials were fire company was on the edge
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of beinn burned.(mayor @ 06:48:00) "it's important and it's difficclt... decisiin aren't trivial."this summer - the mayor and fire chief ten as absolutely nncessary. union officials felt there any cut in errice - would have a critical impact on response. (mike campbell) 01127 "we've been saying since day one that we're at bare bones and that's originalll scheduled to close for good at the end of june... truck ten... was granted an extension... after big storms beginning of's been operating ever siice. now -- decision tt keep it runninn indefiiitely.(mike campbbll) the mayor forrmaking this aud - coming from to sustain e money - ssrvice? the mayor says tax prix... werr greater than &pbudgeted.....evee though the race itself lost millions of dollars.(mayor) 06:48:56 " the operrtor of thh race lost, but though they're happy to see
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truck ttn - saved. fire unioo officials still hold ouu hopp that eventually money can be pound to eopen the twooothee companies that were permanently closee this year. p:8 ""ell there's always efforts to try and revive them. i'd love toosee them open back up and we'll look at roeder - fox 45 news at ten. the mayor says unbudgeted tax revenues aad fees rom the point-4 million dollars. 1- 3 3144i am much more than a pumber on a scale 07 an anchor responds... to an emaii from a viewer... her influence... on othhrr poung aboot 10 minutee on fox45 neww aa ten open>> theecandidates face off..we ask viewers in phe breakk-
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, that's white chocolate and pumpkin. oh. pumpkin. ha ha! you've never tasted pumpkin like this. try new pumpkin white chocolate or pumpkin mocha coffees and lattes today. federal agents worked along
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deputiis to shut own a dangerous ddug gang that has ties to dealers along the east coast. as kathleen cairns reports... he almoot two dozen aarests ccme fter a covert wire tapping investigatt, edgewood village is a quiet communityyfiiled witt famillee... it allo was the center of a major federal wire tapping investigation thht leed to 21 arrests, breaking gaag. reeidents are well aware of the violencee ((usan luu)"iiheard this boom boom boom i thought it was omebbdy breaking into my hooe but it was a drive by shooting" sssan luu ssyysit's haa many
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ressdents terrified, they hhpe the bust will bring about changee (susan luu)"the police are cracking down on thh drugs and gangs." here were afraid to talk with - us on camera for ear of rrtaliatton from gang members but susan's message is speak up"(wide two shot)"we have ggt to make a stand"(susan close)"we dont nned thissin luu)"if you donn speak up thhn these people will ruin the community"it's now become suuan's crusade... to make sure the people... especially the childden.... in this neighborhood are harford co kc fox 45 news at 10 3 we expeettto heaa new details pbout the drug bust attaanews conference set for tomorrow. 3 mmllions offamericans watchhd the first debate between the president and republican nominee mitt romney. jim lehrer mmderaaed thee
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aaay from hii. the two candidates were happy too exchange facts and figures and took wild swings at each other's pplicies. both the &ppresident anddromnee got especially hhated when the discusseddhow to tackle 3 pres: i think ath, ommon sense and history how us govvrnor romnny's plan isn't aa recipe for job growwh romney: you've been ppesideet fo ffur years, with a trillion dollar deficit, if you get relected we're going into four 3 romney and he president continued to spar as lehrer moved them onto health care. the fight for the hearts anddminds of vooers in many
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households tonight.. was a fight for thh t-v remote. keith daniels, streaming liie in owingssmills t a politics.. and a viewing oo - party for tonight's presidential debates. keith. keith..- 3 jennifer..... we're ive at the bbffalo wild wingg on reisterstoww roadd..... the patch, an oo-line website specializing in local news.... possed tonight'ssevent. editors call it a bi-partisan party.. that allowee viewers to watch and discussstonnght's first ppesidential debate. pebate. 3 &pad-lib
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a lot of people were ttlkiigg about the debate on the internet tonight... tonight...patty wrrte bout the preeident...""idn't vote for him beforr and surelyywill nottthis time." time."...buu fushicho says... "obama kept his promise tooget bin llden. i think e deserves
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another 4 yrs." a speech from ácandidateá obama... delivered yeerr ago...grrbbing a lot of attention tonighttte things he says about reverend jeremiah &pwright......and the response 10 minutes on fox45 news at ten 3 3 3 3 3 &p3 3 why a new law... in one
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state... may ban áspankinggin less than 11 minutes on fox45 &pnews at ten 137 thh truth is i am even caal me fat 41 figgting backk.. aater an maa mean for other young vile vermin.. looking o get out of the to keep them frrm getting inside yyur house... tomorrow on fox45 morning ews.
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kw@ a wisconsin news anchor is
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gaining national attention -after firing off to a viewer who criticized her ffr her weight! myranda stephens is live in the newsroom... with hoo her moment of deffance is having an impact right here in baltimore. from national news outlets... like facebookk people are talking about jeenifer livingston... the smaal townn wisconsin news anchor... wwose powerful messsge about bullies and body image... is reverberating across the country... and here in baltimore. 314 i am much more han wisconsin news anchor... now e - ámaking newsá for standing up por her weight. 137 the truth is i am overweight. why, you could even call me fat 41 jennifer livingston became the news this week... after sse
11:03 pm
email from a viewer... who - crittciied her for her weight. &p31 surely you don't consider for this community's young - people, girls ii particular 38 the outspoken anchor didn't take the criticism lightly. and aadressing theeissue of young people. 314 we need to teach our kiis toobe kind, not critical and we nned to do that by example 21 nats of dance livingston's ppwerful words were ike music to adrienne watson carver's ears. 1017 i thought that she was trrnsparent and uthentic aad i think that she just empowered whooe lot of people that feel the same ay that feel the same way she does 26 the forrer mrs. a" dance academy n f "studio - rannallstown...has spent her girls and building of all shaaes sizes and agee and we embrace you whatever you come through that door pooking like we embrace you pnd we teachhyou that you are beautiful aad talented and gifted just becauseegod made you that way 26mmoe nats of studio!!from local ddnce
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studios... to social neeworking sites... deeiance... is prooing to be an inspiration to many. 1205 i think the eeact opposite of happened. nd i think that the american people evvrybody the nation, showed him thattit's no place for that 16 the viewer who criticized livingston ... kenneth he's siice released a s email! - statement saying he hopes she will take advantaae of this rrre ooportunity to influence the health of children by quote... "transsorming herself for all the viewers tt see &pover the next yearr"live in the newsroom, myranda sseppenn, fox45 news at ten. here's our question offthe anchor jennifer livingston was unfairlyycriiiccied foo being o? nice to say that to hee or anyyne else." but pippie writes..."everr action doesn't need a reaction." to join the discussion go to fox
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baltimoree 3 parents....angered... over a law that may ban sppnking... next on fox45 news at ten & anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. a new child abuse law
11:07 pm
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in delaware has some parents ob. oojecting. one phrase in the injury to a child as any impairmeet of physical condition or pain....the delaware family policy council calll it a ban on parental spankkng.but the attorney needed to e changed... - pecause it was difficult to was too young to speak.some d just too subjective. if i have a two-year-old and - this part/// and i rrach out two-year-old's hand ///cut this part/// according to the way this bill s written that whole yearrin prison." r that 3 proponents of the law say spanking is allowwd if it's reasonable.. or moderate. hours beffre tonights
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debate, a conservative website released a video from a speech 2007. conservatives billed it as a bombshell... but the obama campaign called it desperation. jeff abell shows us what's said in the video... that's gettinggit so much attentionn attention. :02) (obama video/introducing) "barack obaaa, our hope for ttmorrow....." at a ministers connerence at hamppon university five years ago, the mmstly african american audience listened as their speaker strayed from his prepared speech. (2:59) (fox video) (obama) "this really steams me up....." governments response to the pictims of hurricane katrina he blastee government lladers for requiring new orllans to match federal disaster funds, as required by the sttaford act....although thhy waived the requirement for othee disaster vvctims. (3:44) (fox video) (obama) "when 9-11 happened they aat.....said this is too seriouu we can't expect nyc to
11:10 pm
rebuild on its own....." and other disasters, like hurricane anddew, in floriia, got the same privilege.....butt not new orleans. (4:22) orleans...where's your dollar. as much...." these un-edited porttons of the presidents speech were osted on the daily caller....a conservattve website. t only took hours for parts of the video to be broadcast across tte country. among praissng obama's then minister jeremiah wright. (fox videoo (obama) "the guy who leader......"less than a year later... obama would distance himself from wright as the &prace heated up. the bama campaign calls the release of the video....a desperate
11:11 pm
attempt to inflame voters...ann breakk no ew ground. will it haveeaa impact....? (22:30:50) (vatz) "it doesn't seem to say 'ah' now i know something new about him and now i'm (22:31:27) (vatz) "the question is, do thh new viieo'' have worth? i think they do, are they gonna become an issue...i on't think hey reporting. video oo the ppesidents speech has been available -onn making news today....were edited outt 3&too ee more of president obama's speech... head to fox baatimore dot com ann click on pote 2012 in the hot topiis section. 3 3
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we were waiting for the episode to come on, and we were like 'he's here!' now,he's actually here!" here!" the x-factor contestant that brought one school... to its feet...after the break
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breaksingiiga÷aú what makes the sleep number store different? we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. during our sleep number innovation event, save up to $600 on our most innovative bed sets. hurry! this event ends soon. you'll only find the innovative sleep number bed at one of our 400 stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. on t-v, he's n boot camp on
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fox's hit- show 'x-factor'. but, today-- ddviddcorrey went back to school.paul gessler reports the annapolis musician ii staying true to his
11:17 pm
roots... even as his fame takes off. kathy mahar:"it's gonna be a total surprise to the student body. they're gonna go nuts. they're gonnn go nuts."the archbishop spalding auditoriim is hot with excitement.23.15 &pit.(nats)but, his band is the warm- up ct.kathy mahar:"i auditorium,,people down in screams."(nats: screems)those screams are or david correy. not just any alumni.katie e's - bbgdan: "i couldn't believe what was going on. he's succ &pthe music department yone in especially."emmly freeman:"i'm soohappy, bbcause our school the episode came on. we all knew. we were waiting for the episode to come on, and we werr like 'he's here!' audition)correy is a contessant on 'x-factor', herr
11:18 pm
on fox45.his audiiion was a big hit with the judges.judge: "yes!"david coorey:"to get one yes is cool. at least you can say yoo got one. brittany spears, udge: "yes!"david (coon.): then, to ggt two, i'm zachary mccinnee: ""m. ooks, especially has been spreading the wwrd, 'davvd orrey's going to be on x-factor, so watching him, so this was huge for him to be here and everything."kathy mahar: "what a trip. wwattaatripp" spalding girls woon for he brazilian- born singer.('lean on me' with chorus)correy now leaas on fans here to get him through the show to become fox's x-factor.david correy: "insppring all theseekids that went and go here that they are stars. they may nnt know it right now, but they can be." the hollywood ights shine briggtly in severn.david thing i've done. it definitely won't be thh last. i've got a big heart."paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. david can be seen again tomorrow night at 8 on fox45's 'x-factor'. you ould america's favorite game shows. as you know
11:19 pm
jeopardy and wheel of fortune. and the baltimore. try out for "wheel of fortune" this saturday and sunday at hunt valley own ceeter.. center.. and... be sure to watch jeopardy wweknights on fox45 at seven. wheel &pof fortunn airs riihttafter that at 7-ttirty. see if fabreeze... passes the ásmelll test... after the break aú you've probably seen the
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11:21 pm
11:22 pm
commercials for prrcter and gamble's febreze air effects air freshener. as patrice sanders explains... consumer reports wanted to see if ttis product really lives up to its . ads. ((pat on cam))you've seen thh commercials... (v/o)this febreze ad shhws "aa experiment" - uuinggan old goat... a sweaty bodybuilder... and a day-old fish. a group of "real people" confirms that it all stinks. then the room is treated with febreze air effects and blinnfolded people are broughttin. (sot: ad) "take a deep breath and tell me what it smells like?" "very springtimey." "springtimey" "like flowery."(v/o)consumer reports decided to do a sniff ttst of its own, calling on some brave volunteers. they wereetaken to a room where a cat litter box and sardines had been sitting forrfour hours. blindfolded,,they confirmed the room smelled bad. (sot: sara brown)""ggh!" (sot: awilda cruz)"it smells like yuck!"(v/o)then tester pat slaven sprayed the room with febreze air effects.
11:23 pm
more blindfolded staffers were led in.(sst: nicole sarrubbo) "it's a very strong. it's not pllasant." (sot: sara brown) "rrtten fish and maybe some floral notes."(sot: matt fields) "it smells to me to be a llt like a men'ssroom at a truck stop."(v/o)but others weren't as critical.(sot: margaret shader)"it smells like fruit punch." (sot: davidd lloyd)"it's not really a pleasant smell, but it's not awful."(soo)"the bottom line - although thh spray concealed some of the odors, it didn't wwrk as well as it did in the - tempprary." (v/o)so you still need to cleaanout the cat box, out the trash. ((pat on cam)) consumer eports also tested another febreze spray - air effects pet odor eliminator, with thh litter box smell. it did a bit better but ot by much, so you have to stay on top of thattcleaning job! pptrice sanders, fox45 news at ten. into the playoffs...but ended the regular season on a losing note.hhw onn tampa bay layer almost single- handedly seet &pthe o's down to defeat.
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ttanks for joining us for fox45 news tonight.i'm bruce cunningham with the excitement in the baseball on this, the last nighttof the regular season,thh orioles still had hampionship dreams...they needed to beat
11:27 pm
tampa bay, and have the yankees lose to boston, to forcea one game playoff for those hings happened...and of - thh birds now look to the wildc. wildcard... ...thii guy was thne major reason why....evvn longoria had one of the biggest nights here takiig chris tilllan over the wall to left...a solo shoo...the ays led 1-0... ...but the birds weree battling...bottom 3rd... ben just go and get it..robbing - zobrist and keeping it a one run game...adam jjnes witt a this guyy..bottom 4, here's t 3 longoriaaagain...his second of the game...alsdo a solo shot.. he'd add a third later on...and the rays were up saae nning, ryan roberts jerkk one out as well...a combination of rays home ruus &pandan al ost complete lack o orile offense led to a 4-1 defeat in the regular season finale.... 3 another division..anddplayoff spot
11:28 pm
decided in 3rd, 2-1 exas...david murphy sends a shot to right-center..ii'll get down...two runs cross the plate..the rangers built a 5-1 lead....buu oakland come back tootie. and then in the 4th, cespedes sends afly ball to &pcenyer, but atch, josh hamilton can't make the catch..two runs cross the plate,and the a's roll from &prrngers have a date with the birds... so here's what it sets up... the orioles will now travel to ddllas to ttke on thetexas rangers innthe american league wildcard...first pptch is set for 8:37pmm.remember, this is a whole new round...the firstt
11:29 pm and you advanne... lose and you go home....buck ealed his starting pitcher.. joe saunders s the name we're hearing most 3&back here in baltimore... the city's other birds...the baltimore ravens have hopped bandwagon..guys all around owings mills today sporting o's hats and uckle p gear... from ray rice, ed reed, to joe flacco.before addressing tte media today... john harbaugh put hhs kknsas city game preps on hold to wish the team well.. excitement is all around bucks club. 3 the ravens remainn about a 5 point faaorite over
11:30 pm
the hiees on sunday....nd that'll do ii for this edition offsports unlimited.i'' bc... thanks for watching...and they do it differently from men. women don't try on the clothes, they get behind the clothes. they take a dress off the rack, and they hold it up against themselves. they can tell something from this. they stick one leg way out. they need to know if someday i'm one-legged at a 45-degree angle, what am i going to wear? a guy never takes a suit off the rack, put his head in the neck and go, "what about this suit? "put some shoes by the bottom of the pants. "perfect. now, move the shoes, move the shoes.
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24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. satisfaction guaranteed what are you doing? all right. what's the matter with that? robert vaughn, the helsinki formula? he was good in man from u.n.c.l.e. guess whose birthday is coming up soon? i know. i'm having root canal the same week. i hope you got a good oral surgeon because that can be very serious. hey, look--naked people. i don't want to see the naked people. been a while? i vaguely recall doing something with someone, but it was a long, long time ago. i think my last time was in rochester. my hair was a lot shorter.
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i remember that it's a good thing. someday, i hope to do it again. what? what? what was that look? what look? the look you just gave me. i gave a look? what kind of look? i know that look. what was it? why should i tell you? you're the big look expert. i want to see how smart you are. trust me. i know the look. so? what? what about the look? i don't know. something on your mind? no. things pop into your head. you? things occur to me from time to time.
11:34 pm
yeah. me, too. you can't expect to just forget the past completely. no, of course not. i mean, it's something we did probably about... what, 25 times. 37. yeah, we pretty much know what we're doing in there. we know the terrain. no big surprises. nope. what do you think? what do you think? well, it's something to consider. yeah. i mean, let's say... what if...we did? what if? is that the end of the world? certainly not. why shouldn't we be able to do that occasionally? i know. really, what's the big deal?


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